Juice Fasting, Saturday 26th Jan 2013

by pete, of the adams family
(Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico)

Doris healing

Doris healing

Doris healing
Fortunate to be Alive :-) Star, Ben, Mattheo & Emil
Denzil, Star and Ben
MMS healing meningitis

Today i started a juice fast, again partly to support Ben but also to continue ridding my body of years of accumulated toxins as well as continuing to heal my food addictions.

Ben, following an accident with a drill yesterday which ripped some of his hair out, then promptly cut it all off, shaved his head and announced he would do another cleanse, but this time do it properly, by giving up smoking at the same time. Good on ya Ben, I know how difficult it can be so you have my support.

Back at the Sanctuary, we have had some changes, with Hannah and Lucinda leaving, Star arriving for a 3 month stay, Emil and Mattheo, two couchsurfers from Italy and my friend Denzil staying for a few days.

This all worked out very nicely helping with the work to be done as Doris was in bed with symptoms of meningitis and needing my attention most of the time.

Following morning meditation, yoga warm ups and sun gazing we all clean and tidy the house and water the nursery before breakfast. Emil, Mattheo & Ben then got on with working on the shop (putting up a hanging rail to display clothing, moving and fixing in place a display cabinet), putting a roof (wire and tarp) on the outdoor room, and preparing food for us all. Star was getting creative in the kitchen and made some delicious bliss balls. Denzil took my place leading the afternoon yoga classes.

We ran out of gas several days ago and don't seem to have found the gas truck yet, so we've been preparing dinner using a fire in the garden and bought a pot and stove base from the market to make it easier. It's actually been fun cooking this way and we all end up sitting round the fire eating.

Today, after nearly a week of being mostly in bed, with quite severe pain in the sinuses and head, Doris is up and about. She demanded bread this morning so i went to the nice Italian bakery on Zicatela, and this evening she is on her second plate of home made spaghetti i bought from Senor Salud, cooked on the fire in the garden. Doris bravely resisted going to the doctors, knowing that the antibiotics which would likely have been prescribed would simply drive the symptoms back into the body, only to surface months or even years later. This has happened to her before having had meningitis as a child and two years ago. This time she wanted rid of it properly, so she has been using a protocol at The Sanctuary which comes from many different angles, including MMS protocol 1000 with occasional use of MMS2, MMS ears, nose and eye drops plus gassing and enemas, coconut oil ingestion and pulling, frequent use of FIR sauna, drinking juices loaded with ginger, turmeric and garlic, Tibetan singing bowl therapy, lots of sleep and much love from me :-), She also on about four occasions resorted to aspirin / paracetamol when the pain got too intense, but bravely resisted using it repeatedly knowing that they are also harmful.

Yesterday Emil, Mattheo, Denzil and Star went to Mazunte for a full moon celebration happening today, and this afternoon Ben also went to join them, so Doris and I have The Sanctuary to ourselves this evening.

I hadn't seen Denzil for 5 years when I met him in Thailand while we did the Agama Yoga teacher training. This time we connected very well, and although I wont see him for nearly two months as he starts a 49 day Hridaya retreat next week, I know he will be back, and who knows, may well play a big part in our community :-)

Time to go now as Doris wants to watch a movie so I need to pick one. Any suggestions?

Much Love
The Sanctuary Healing Retreat Community

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Oct 07, 2015
coconut fasting
by: pete

Today i am on day 3 of a coconut fast. I am mostly drinking just the coconut water, but Monday afternoon and this morning i blended the coconut meat with the water, adding turmeric, black pepper and cloves, cinnamon, borax & cardoman.

I'm feeling pretty good & looking forward to the next 4 days of my 7 day coconut fast.

I am fasting at The Sanctuary in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, a holistic healing center i founded in 2012. We offer a space conducive to healing yourself at very economical prices, affordable to virtually anyone.

"I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will be as one." - John Lennon


Jan 27, 2013
Juice Fasting, Day 2
by: pete, of the adams family

Day two of juice fasting nearly over. I started the day with some water, followed by an enema then up to our yoga space for fifteen minutes in the FIR sauna followed by playing the singing bowls then meditation.

Back downstairs, the computer captured me, dealing with volunteer applications and other emails, so before i realised it was time to go to sunday service, where Mundo spoke about who god is, warning us against worshiping false gods, and to be wary of those who are spiritual, claiming to be Christian, but not living like Jesus. Surely he was not talking about me? :-)

Back home at 12:30 in time to make a green juice (spinach, cucumber, lettuce and ginger) for Doris and I, before Skyping with Dennis and Victoria. It's looking likely that they will be joining us at The Sanctuary for three months.

I had a quite bad headache by this time, i think it was detoxification through the cleansing and not enough water or juices, so i drunk more water and did another enema, this time with MMS. A sleep for a couple of hours helped the headache go so i made an Al Piste, almond and wheat sprout juice with ginger.

Krista finally arrived late in the afternoon (she has come to apply for a potential volunteer position), so we got acquainted with her for a while and i showed her round The Sanctuary. I made melon juice before sunset then Doris and I went to El Temezcali to listen to a healing music concert by Hungarian Ishvan, but we got the date wrong. I did take a large Tibetan singing bowl with me which Alejandro had ordered a couple of months ago. He was very pleased with it and reflected that when paying for it :-). We tracked him down however at Neelam's Ananda hotel and spent an hour talking with him, Neelam and another friend.

Final juice of the day was wheat-sprout juice with ginger and a little stevia. No hunger experienced and feeling full of energy. I did eat a cacoa bean my mistake though!


Jan 27, 2013
other healing aids
by: pete, of the adams family

I forgot to mention that Doris also intermittantly used Grape Seed Extract and Neem tea, both very good for boosting the immune system.

In Puerto Escondido (where The Sanctuary is located), Mazunte and many places along the Oaxaca coast there are plenty of Neem trees. Also good for making natural soaps, toothpaste, insecticides, skin products and much more. This site gives many recipes.

It's a beautiful day and if Doris is feeling well enough we will go to the Christian Surfers Sunday Service in La Punta, followed by a healing swim in the ocean :-)


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