Life Purpose

Life Purpose

Do you know your purpose?

Would you like to feel more love?

Would you like an abundance of all you need, setting you free to follow your passions?

Life Purpose

A few nights ago i was blessed to watch an extraordinary movie - THRIVE. i feel that by watching and sharing this movie some seeds of transformation to peace and love have been sown. i believe you may well feel the same.

THRIVE - a MUST SEE movie to help discover purpose. THRIVE paints the big picture of life as it REALLY is now, and how WE can make a difference in co-creating an abundant and peaceful world.

Here is the official THRIVE trailer:

i highly recommend visiting The Thrive Movement Website, to check out the many resources and suggestions they make for creating peace. For the past 6 years i have been mostly full time studying and learning about life. After watching the THRIVE movie i learned a lot more. I strongly encourage you, for yourself and all you love, to invite as many people as you can for a THRIVE viewing party, pay $5 and watch the movie. i am sure you will not be disappointed.

To get the most benefit from watching THRIVE, and perhaps help you discover your life purpose, i feel it would help to take some steps before watching, such as:

  • Choose a day / time where you have at least 3 hours to spare.
  • Invite family & friends to watch with you.
  • Before starting to watch, have a pen and paper handy to make notes, turn of all phones & get comfortable.
  • Sit in silence for ten minutes paying attention to your breath, feeling peace flow in and out of your heart as you breath in and out. Alternatively you could listen to this beautiful guided meditation from The Meditation Society of Australia using a candle flame.
  • Watch the first hour of the movie. Watch with an open mind. Try not to question, just allow the ideas and the possibilities to flow in to your awareness. Make bullet point notes to remind you of discussion points and questions to ask later.
  • Take a short refreshment and discussion break.
  • Watch the remainder of THRIVE - the movie.
  • Sign up for the free A Plan for Peace Newsletter for forthcoming plans of how we can co-create peace together.
  • Share this page with at least three friends.
  • Discuss with your friends & get the party started :-)

Enjoy your viewing.

Peace & Love
pete, of the adams family.

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life purpose

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pete, of the adams family

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