Map of Turkey

Country Map of Turkey

Map of Turkey

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Turkey flag Turkey -- best place to live or retire ?

Recent reforms in Turkey as part of its plan to become a member of the EU, make Turkey an ideal country for those looking to move abroad. With property prices still very reasonable, unlike more traditional retirement countries like Spain, now may be a great time to consider Turkey as your destination of choice. A recent change to the law for foreigners buying property in Turkey, has put a limit of 25,000 m2 on the amount of land that can be purchased (although The Council of Ministers is authorised to increase this threshold to 300,000 m2 per person). Click Here for further info.

Sometimes described as a "paradise" of sun, sea, mountains and lakes, Turkey offers visitors a complete change from the stress and routine of everyday life. The picture on the right of the Blue Lagoon, Olu Deniz was taken by me while paragliding off Babadag mountain. From April to October most places in Turkey have a climate perfect for relaxing on sandy beaches, or enjoying the tranquillity of the mountains and lakes. From swimming in the Mediterranean to skiing in mountain resorts, Turkey has something to offer everybody.

The Turkish way of life is so unwinding compared to Western Europe. It is like taking a deep breath and finally have the time to relax. The local people are always friendly and willing to help you.

Lorraine & I liked Turkey so much that we emigrated here in April 2006 & have started a property development business.

The Climate in Turkey varies dramatically across the country. The Coastal areas in the west have very warm summers & mild winters. The further east you travel, the more extreme the climate becomes, with temperatures as low as -20C (-4F)and snow for up to 4 months of the year.

Capital of Turkey -- Ankara

Population -- c. 70,000,000

Useful Information & Resources

Turkish Dictionary

Manisa Turkish -- This excellent free site provides all you need to know about learning to speak Turkish. It is an ideal resource to supplement whatever other method you are using to learn Turkish. Explore it thoroughly - you will not be disappointed ! Remember where you found it & return to Moving Overseas Guide's Map of Turkey page for more useful links. See also Our Language Pages for different ways of learning.

The Turkish Embassy site at Washington DC provides a wealth of information.
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The Foreign & Commonwealth Office gives an excellent rundown of recent Turkish history, the Political situation & Turkey's International Relations.
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Turkish Living Forum -- this very popular forum has been invaluable to us whilst planning to move overseas & while living in Turkey.
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Calis Beach Forum -- this popular forum covers subjects not only related to the Calis Beach area, but has loads of useful information on all things Turkey related.
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The World Factbook Turkey page provides detailed facts & figures about every aspect of Turkey.
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Articles about Turkey

A Backpacker's view of Turkey by Ian Sewell
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Whitewashed Splendor, a review of Bodrum by Claudia Testa
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Map of Turkey

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Continue to Bodrum Pictures for a mini-tour of Bodrum peninsula.

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