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One of the main reasons for moving abroad for me was to spend less time working & more time enjoying life. Over recent years I've learned a lot about myself and about life. I've finally realised that life is not about material things but is about the experience. I am now striving to live for the present moment instead of for the past or the future. I am now on a "journey towards enlightenment".

Below is a list of some of the "information" I have found which has been a major influence on this journey. The items are shown in approximately the reverse order in which I "discovered" them. I'm finding now that the pieces of the proverbial jigsaw are slotting together more easily each day.

Although I realise that we're are all different & that we learn in different ways, I'm sharing these sources of information with you in the hope that I might help you find some spiritual enlightenment of your own :-)

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Shift in Action
Shift-in-Action (7K) This website from The Institute of Noetic Sciences has a mission to explore the frontiers of consciousness to advance individual, social, and global transformation.

The contents of the Shift in Action site are certainly helping to do just that. It is a "Dynamic interactive website connecting you to like minded allies everywhere".

Fire The Grid
Fire The Grid I found this website through a link offering three free meditation mp3 tracks. While I was there I thought I'd take a look at the site & I was intrigued.

If you care about our planet, would like to contibute towards it's survival & can spare just one hour on July 17th 2007, then read this website. Just be prepared to keep an open mind

radio-out-thereI've only recently found this internet radio station which offers a free weekly show of "Alternative News and Views". With an archive of nearly 100 shows, you might find this keeps you busy for a long time.

In the news section of their website I found this powerpoint presentation entitled The Universe and You. Take a look. It might help you realise how big our Universe is. It certainly opened my eyes.

The Shift of the Ages
Shift-of-the-AgesThe Shift of the Ages film "is an exploration of time and consciousness" according to Director Steve Copeland. "It's about the nature of time, and the time we're experiencing now". You can read Steve's article about the film here.

This film is the opening that makes it "cool" to care again. Watch it, support it, and evolve it! Click the picture to watch the trailer.

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WorldPuja.orgThe World Puja Network is a global internet broadcasting system whose core purpose is to activate a global culture of peace, wisdom and sustainability. World Puja is now in its 8th year of informing and inspiring thousands of people in more than 80 countries.

Some of the shows I've listened to from their archives are definitely inspiring me.

Moving Abroad - Moving Abroad - Moving Abroad - Moving Abroad - Moving Abroad

The Secret
The Secret is released to the world! This ground-breaking feature length movie presentation reveals The Great Secret of the universe. It has been passed throughout the ages, traveling through centuries... to reach you, mankind, and humankind.

This is The Secret to everything - the secret to unlimited joy, health, money, relationships, love, youth: everything you have ever wanted.

Explore this website carefully & you will find some buried treasure in the way of two free books written about 100 years ago. I've read one & am reading the other one chapter per week as suggested. They are well worth reading in my opinion. If you can't find them, drop me a line & I'll point you in the right direction.

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Edge Life Magazine
This free "Web Magazine" is full of inspiring, transformational articles. I read most of them each month. It's well worth a look!

I found this article, an interview with George Catlin to be particularly insightful

The Handbook of the Navigator
spiritual-book (9K)"This book delivers the Ultimate Spiritual Experience".

If you ever thought there was a greater importance or meaning to your life, Read This Book. The hard copy of this 256 page e-book written by Eric J Pepin sells for $19.95 but you can download a complete pdf e-book version for free.

The book was written with one objective; to awaken the world one mind at a time. The Navigator will lead you to your spiritual Awakening. You simply have to ask yourself one question, are you ready? Well I am and I'm reading it at the moment & it is definately mind-opening.

Watch a short flash movie which includes some meditation music here: The Navigator is Coming. Make sure you don't miss out!

The Mankind Project
The Mankind ProjectIn March 2006 I spent a long weekend at Kibblestone International Scout Camp in Staffordshire on the "New Warrior Training Adventure". This was an experience of a lifetime which amongst other things served to strengthen my integrity. If you have a chance to do this & you can afford it, DO IT because it's worth every penny.

What the Bleep Do We Know
What-The-BleepI heard about this film around February 2006 and went straight out & rented it. I watched it 3 times in 3 days. This extraordinary film has awakened countless thousands of ordinary people to the possibility of a quantum existence; the realization that things may be happening simultaneously on many planes of existence, encompassing all possible outcomes.

I now own a copy which I bought in Turkey & I try to show it to everyone I care about & anyone else who I think is open to this "freaky stuff" as Lorraine calls it :-). Every time I watch it (I watched it again recently when I showed it to my Uncle Peter) I see something else & understand a little more.

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes." - William James

Watch "What The Bleep Do We Know" Now & help alter your perception, raise your consciousness & indeed the consciousness of the universe. If you're in Bodrum, give me a call & come & watch it with Lorraine & I. If you're in the U.S. or Canada I suggest you buy the "Down the Rabbit Hole Quantum Edition" which includes nearly 15 hours of bonus material. If you buy it here we'll get a small commission :-)

The Mayan Calendar
Mayan Calendar CodeI originally came across the Mayan Calendar after listening to some Pod Casts called "The Human Source Code". These told a fascinating story about how our view of life is blinkered by the conditioning of society and how we can re-program our "source code".

The producers of this show went on to record another Pod Cast about the Mayan Calendar. This has now evolved into the Excellent Mayan Calendar Code website which continues to guide me on my path. I still look forward to receiving the free weekly "Evolutionary News" newsletter and to attending the Ahau day teleconferences.

Take a visit yourself and let Andi Mac show you how this fascinating 5,000 year old calendrical system tracks the evolution of consciousness & how it can help develop a pathway to genuine peace-of-mind. You will not be disappointed.

Assertiveness in a week

I borrowed this book from my mate Gary a couple of years ago & I think it was very near the starting point of my journey.

Although I didn't think I was lacking in assertiveness it did sound very interesting so I took it home & read it in a week. It certainly changed my view as to how other people perceived me.

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