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If you've read our Moving Overseas About Us page, you'll know that I moved abroad early in 2006. On this page we tell you the story behind why & how this guide was created & how you too could create a site like ours about a subject that you are passionate about.

It all started early in 2005 when we were making preparations & doing research for our plans for moving overseas. We intended to move somewhere hot, yet not too far from the England, so friends & family would be able to visit us regularly. We had not decided on a country yet nor had we made any firm plans on how we were going to make a living whilst abroad.

Why did we build Moving Overseas Guide ?

why-move-overseasWhilst searching the internet for information about different countries, visas, work permits, property & even learning languages, I realised how huge the task was. Despite finding lots of useful stuff, it was taking hour after hour of sifting through search engine results pages & the often questionably relevant pages they directed me to, to find good, useful information.

I figured there must be a better way than this & that surely there must be web sites out there that covered the whole subject of moving abroad. However much I searched, although I found lots of useful sites on the subject, I struggled to find one great site that brought it all together in one place. My list of bookmarks became longer & longer so I starting organising them into relevant folders & sub folders, started making notes to summarise the main points I was looking for & where I could find the information about each subject.

After months of sometimes painful research, occasional delightful discovery of a gem of a web site or resource and a couple of trips abroad, it finally dawned upon me that maybe I could create my own Moving Overseas Guide, to bring together all the information I had found. It just seemed such a waste to have compiled this huge list of categorised web sites, notes & pictures from our trips, when perhaps I could make them available to people like us who were planning on moving overseas.

How did I build Moving Overseas Guide ?

why-move-overseasWell, while I was looking for information on starting a business overseas, I found a company which seemed to have the solution. This company who's owner participates daily in the support forums, provides a complete set of guides, books, tools & support to enable almost anyone to create their own highly ranked web site & turn it into a profitable business.

  • Do you look forward to your work ?
  • Do you talk passionately to your family & friends about what you do ?
  • Are you proud of the end results of your work ?

  • Well I do & I am !

    Imagine making a living from something you are passionate about & imagine the freedom you could have if you worked from home.

    Well, now you can have an online business of your own. You can set your own hours & work at your own pace.

    Your site could be about anything from Arts & Crafts, Gardening, Pets to Z-Cars. The choice is yours.
    No, I'm not kidding you
    - if you are interested in a subject, it is highly likely others will be too and it is possible, with the right guidance & tools, to create your own web site & make money from it ! I built my site about "moving overseas" & it's working for me !

    In my opinion this "system" I found, can be used by virtually anyone, including:

  • Mums with children
  • Students & people with full time jobs looking to top up their income
  • Seniors looking to improve their lifestyle
  • Existing businesses without a website - there is no better choice than this.
  • Business who already have a website - this system is still very likely to benefit you !

  • Find YOUR Small Business (or Idea).

    Here are a few of the things included:

  • Detailed help on choosing the most profitable niche for your site.
  • Advice on choosing your Domain Name
  • Domain Registration & unlimited hosting
  • Unlimited e-mail addresses
  • A complete, step by step, detailed & easy to follow Action Guide
  • Keyword research tools to help you choose profitable keywords for each page
  • Web based forms for you to build your site with no technical knowledge
  • Free E-books which, amongst others, teach you how to "write to pre-sell" & how to "make your links work"
  • Automated & FREE submission to all the major search engines
  • An amazing community forum of other users, who provide help & inspiration to everyone
  • A Money-Back Satisfaction & Success Guarantee

  • This is just a very small part of the information & tools provided by this "system" which enables the non-technical to build a web site & indeed a business. You need nothing else. No other software, no other reading materials. It is ALL included. On second thoughts, thats not exactly true. You also need to be prepared to put in the time & effort. There is no such thing as a "get rich quick" scheme that actually works, so if thats what you want, then this is not for you!

    Already Have A Web Site?

    Like most small business sites, you have little free traffic. So what should you do if you are otherwise satisfied with that site? Funnel thousands of free, warm and targeted visitors to it every day.

    What if you do not like your site? What if you have parked domain(s)? Can you transfer over to Solo Build It! and do it right this time? Absolutely! SBI! will show you if/when/how to do it.

    Whilst doing research & writing pages for Moving Overseas Guide, I don't even consider it to be work because I enjoy it so much as I'm both excited & passionate about moving overseas as well as about this "system" which has enabled me to publish this site.

    moving-overseas-key (3K)The key ? - choose a topic which you are passionate about, because if its something you love, then it's not work !

    Take a look at what others have achieved, read these stories & make up your own mind.

    If you'd like to know more about how search engine's work, what it is that attracts visitors & how to build a website that actually works, take a looks at this Action Guide. I guarantee you'll be fascinated by what you'll learn.

    Well, I expect you've guessed by now that I'm pretty passionate about this "system", which is why I've written this page - to share it with you. I hope you've found it useful. If you've just stumbled upon this page & have not yet seen our site, why not take a look now? : Moving Overseas Guide


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