New Cleanse

by pete, of the adams family
(Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico)

Shiva at The Sanctuary

Shiva at The Sanctuary

Today Doris & I started a 7 day cleanse at The Sanctuary in Puerto Escondido. We decided to do so partly to support Ben, who started his cleanse yesterday, as well as to continue on our own healing paths.

We are following a liquid diet (with calories) along with several cleansing techniques to remove toxins.

Here is how we spent our day today to give you an example of life at The Sanctuary:

Up at 5.30am - tongue scraping, cleansing gums with salt, coconut oil pulling, enema, mandarin juice, meditation, yoga warm up, singing bowls & quick heart circle, sun gazing, rebounding to stimulate lymphatic system, yoga for the eyes. Then we started work, cleaning, making breakfast of al piste & almond milk with ginger & stevia. We then started taking MMS (we are all on 2 drop doses at the moment at 1 hour intervals for 8 hours per day. I also used MMS in my enema. I intend to use Trifola & Coffee in enema's as well for balancing the dosha's and cleansing the liver.

Work continued, which for me & Ben was going into town for cash then going to see Jaak to discuss how to make a roof for the outdoor bedroom we are constructing. Jaak & I managed to squeeze in a game of crib. Doris continued to plant seeds and other work in the garden.

Coconut water drink around 11am, Water melon juice for lunch. Reviewing volunteer application and two Skype interviews with volunteers. We are flooded with applications at the moment for volunteers to come work at The Sanctuary.

Doris & I went to swim at 3.30 pm (drunk a little sea water as part of our healing protocol), back for hatha yoga class (which i led) at 4.15 - 5.45 followed by veggie juice of beet, carrot, radish and hicama whilst watching the sun set.

6.30 pm Heart Circle, read for half an hour from a pretty amazing channeled book; The Magdalen Manuscript by Tom Kenyon & Judi Sion (i am recording it - ask if you would like to listen). I then left Ben, Eric & Doris listening to an audio about Tapping (mainly to help Ben with his giving up smoking) while i went to the local Christian Surfers Mens Bible Study group. I didn't find time to squeeze in an FIR sauna but will start again tomorrow.

Finally caught up with Geoff for a quick FB chat & i am late for bed as it is now !!:40 pm. I think Ben & Doris & possibly even Geoff (who is currently in Mexico City taking Osho's Mystic Rose course & doing a lot of laughing :-), will start blogging here with me about their experience of fasting, cleansing & living at The Sanctuary (in Puerto Escondido Mexico).

Paz y Amor

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