nude meditation, April 12th 2012

by pete, of the adams family
(Mazunte, Oaxaca)

When searching for a keyword for this blogpost, nude meditation and meditation clipart came up as the two most "profitable" keywords. i like to optimise my pages based on the broad subject of the content, to help searchers find their way :-)

meditation clip art
meditation-clip-artWell, nude meditation is an interesting subject i thought, as i'm now at a tantric yoga school in Mexico about to enter into a ten day silent meditation retreat. As it happens, the subject of dressing modestly was raised in the pre-retreat talk this evening, so that clinched it. nude meditation however is not allowed here, as it seems we would get distracted to easily.

i think they have a point, so i'll keep my shorts on and might occasionally wear a shirt, like the one i bought last week complete with meditation clip art, pictured here :-)

nude meditation - nude meditation - nude meditation

nude meditation not allowed

nude meditation - nude meditation - nude meditation

i will make this post brief as i have to be up at 6am. So, update since last post:

Arrived Mazunte, Oaxaca
Completed three day meditation retreat
Still eating badly
Visited David in Puerto Escondido
Gave yoga class (to David and myself) three mornings running
Left motorbike in Puerto for repair
Ordered FIR infrared Sauna for Healing Centre
Signed up for 10 day silent meditation retreat; No reading, no writing (except for journal), no internet use, no cellphones, no nude meditation, no sex!

No contact with the outside world for the next 10 days. Over & Out

Peace & Love

ps. Please make comments below. i'm sure it'll be fun & as a bonus it will help this page get to the top of the search engines :-)

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Jul 13, 2015
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by: Allenwood

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Jan 21, 2013
Gardens of Eden
by: Stephen Quinto

We hear you Pete..... maybe you'll spend a little time with us too. It took a fair bit of time to find this way to you.
We are ....the Edenhope Project in Vanuatu, S Pacific. Many times we thought about changing the name to EdenHopi for we have a deep respect and love for the Hopi elders who now we miss....
The concept of some network amongst our various 'gardens' is wonderful, and we should begin it in earnest even now in cyberspace. But we should learn to communicate without such technology as it will soon fail.
A dialogue with you will be interesting and rewarding - so please soon take a few minutes and spend them with us on our site....
LovingKindness and Blessings your way
StEvE & Ruth

Apr 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

Dear pete with all my heart i thank you for being you. your soo cool and self aware.. keep smiling and peace be with you.. love russell

Apr 24, 2012
1st day after not nude meditation retreat
by: pete, of the adams family

Gooday folks :-) Amazingly I still got up early and joined the daily 1 hour morning meditation today. You would have thoght i'd have wanted a break after about 70 hours of meditation over the last 10 days. Looks like a pleasamt habit has formed. Meditation went very well. Only a momentary place of stillness but inspiration and tears flowed. My (our) vision is expanding and becoming clearer. In Think and Grow Rich Napolean Hill writes that the 50 most succesful people whom he interviewed over a 25 year period virtually all put their sucess down to clarity of vision!

So now the new Garden of Eden vision includes a network of communities starting in Mexico all with organic food production to ensure self sufficiency, Hridaya Yoga spiritual teachings to ensure good vibrations and Healing Centres to help people self heal from all diseases. I spent several hours with Alejandra today discussing Tepotzlan option. Things are feeling very good for this as the first community to set the model, as everything we need is already in place. I will visit there next week to check it out on way to MMS course in Puerto Vallarta, following which I will be a Minister of the Genesis Chuch of Healing.

This afternoon included a 3 hour self practice of yoga and meditation folloed by some sun gazing in the sea and keeping eyes averted from the nude yogini swimming nearby :-)

Sweet dreams
Peace be with you

Apr 23, 2012
Going deeper in meditation
by: pete, of the adams family.

Excellent meditation retreat. Excellent teachings by Sahajananda. i entered stillness during several meditations and touched on consciousness of oneness a couple of times. i intend to join the next 10 day retreat in May (plus the 7 day advanced extension) and go deeper still.

Hope to meet you next year Georgian.

Apr 21, 2012
Very nice!
by: Georgian

I hope next year to be in Mazunte as well.
I'm sure you will enjoy the 10 day retreat with Sahajananada!

Apr 16, 2012
by: Touran

Glad you are happy... Speak in 10 days:)

Glad of the rules of no nude meditation too..!!! Yuck ;)

Lots of love

2e x

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