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Although my overseas peace tour is now finished and I have started a new blog about my new healthier, happier lifestyle sharing lots of great information about co-creating health, wealth & Peace, you can still find some useful blog posts on this page by guest contributors about moving overseas.

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In April 2006 I moved overseas to Turkey but in December 2007 I went travelling to South East Asia for about 7 months. To enable me to share my progress with friends and family I decided to write this blog about my trip.

I visited Thailand, Laos, Malaysia & Cambodia before returning to Turkey in July 2008. I then continued travelling (on my "overseas peace tour") to Mexico, US, Guatamla, Belize and Honduras before finally returning to Mexico where I am now living, at The Sanctuary Healing Retreat Community

volunteers for peace
volunteers for peace

The Sanctuary is a non profit organisation with a mission to help heal those living in the community, and all other Beings.
We would be very appreciative if you would take some time to learn more about what we are doing from the following links, and if you are inspired to do so, to share with everyone you care about.





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Moving Overseas Articles

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Tips to Make Cross Country Moves Easier 
Tips to Make Cross Country Moves Easier To get your belongings and family members especially children moved from side of the country to another side, …

Testimony of Jamaican woman healed of stage 4 lymphatic cancer using the soursop leaves 
Diagnosed with lymphatic cancer (Hodgkin’s lymphoma) in late 2002, Yvonne went through an agonising period of chemotherapy which twisted and wracked her …

International Removal Companies 
I recently made the decision to move abroad. I had not made this decision overnight and had thought about it in great detail before deciding that it was …

Living in Lapu-Lapu City Mactan Philippines 
I moved to the Philippines originally back in April of 2004 and built my fiance' a nice home in Bogo which is now for sale. We moved to Texas two years …

Buzz for Bliss, May Day 2010 
It's been forever since I last wrote a blog post, but now is the time. I will be brief however, but I intend to start blogging again frequently. Today …

Zipolite Mexico 
Another couple of weeks have passed by and I've just finished repeating the second week of Agama's first month Yoga course . Zipolite Mexico …

Christmas and New Year in Mazunte Mexico 
Welcome to 2009. I wish you all Prosperity, Peace, and Love. Here is the sunrise I wake up to every morning. Before I start watering the …

Oaxaca Mexico 
Well, here I am in Mexico. As I write this it is Christmas Eve evening. Most of today I have been meditating & doing Hatha Yoga . But I also went swimming …

Thai Islands, Cambodia, Turkey 
Thai Islands, Cambodia and Turkey After leaving Malaysia we spent another week in Bangkok before going to a couple of Thai Islands. First was Koh …

Koh Phangan Thailand, Malaysia 
Koh Phangan, Thailand and Malaysia For various reasons I stopped blogging after my last post at the beginning of February. I'd just about completed …

Still in Thailand - No Smoking Yoga Teacher?  
"Peace springs from love and war springs from fear, and love is always stronger than fear" The last month has flown by as I've been very busy. After …

Agama Yoga in Thailand 
Tuesday 8th January 2008 "If you want to know your present, look at your past. If you want to know your future, look at your present." Today …

Koh Phangan and Christmas in England 
Saturday 5th January 2008 Happy New Year everyone. It's been about 2 weeks since I last posted so I have a bit of catching up to do, but I'll try to …

Monks Procession, Yoga and Laos National Museum 
Thursday 20th December 2007 In living, be close to the land. In meditation , go deep in the heart. In dealing with others, be gentle and kind. …

Luang Prabang, Laos - Vang Vieng is History 
Wednesday 19th December 2007 "Whatever lessens suffering in yourself and others That is Right" Monday I caught the 10am bus from Vang Vieng …

Will you take the Blue Pill, or Will you take the Red Pill? 
Sunday 16th December 2007 This morning I tried to book my flight to the U.K. for Christmas. Tryng to pay using a Turkish credit card is not easy. Frustrated, …

Climbing, Absailing & Dirt Biking 
You're only important to yourself, your family, your friends, and those that you help. Yesterday I finished the third day of the rock-climbing …

Tubing and Rockclimbing in Laos 
Honesty is the key to your subconcious thoughts Yesterday I went tubing. Tubing: sitting inside a truck innertube floating down the river at a gentle …

There is a lesson to be learned from every interaction ... 
There is a lesson to be learned from every interaction you have with anyone or anything. You can either learn the lesson and move on to the next, or repeat …

Everything Happens For A Reason 
I have LOTS to say today so I'll warn you now this is gonna be VERY long! Arrived V.V. Around 2pm yesterday and got a Tuk Tuk the 300 metres …

Don't Worry, Be Happy 
Mekong River - 6am I arrived in Vientianne yesterday morning following a 12 hour bus ride from Bangkok. Comfortable VIP bus but I didn't get …

Yellow Fever - Long Live The King 
I met up with a group of couchsurfers this morning for a guided tour. We visited a couple of temples with huge gold Buddha's, wandered through Chinatown …

Finally I'm here. After a 5 week delay starting my trip, it's great to be on my way, feeling free with no responsibilities and no-one to answer to. A bit …

I'm finally on the way 
Today I set off on a backpacking trip to Thailand, England, Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam. Or at least thats the general plan, but who knows what will happen …

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