peace corps

peace corps

Namaste and Welcome.

This peace corps page is a place to share public invitations, as a part of A Plan for Peace.

By using this Peace Invitation/Challenge or the Peace Connection method, shown below, you can invite family, friends or anyone you wish, in a novel, fun, exciting way which will virtually guarantee to get the attention of that person to consider accepting your invite/challenge.

An added advantage is that you will help "build a buzz" on this page, which will attract more visitors to A Plan for Peace from the search engines. i believe that enough of us will join together, in an organised way, and we will manifest our dreams. Please join us to help shape a united dream and a plan to consciously create it.

The Invitation / Challenge Process
  1. Create Poster with headline PEACE INVITATION or PEACE CHALLENGE
  2. Include Name of person you are inviting
  3. Include to what are you inviting them to (eg. Create Peace)
  4. Write #peaceplan
  5. Take a picture of you holding the poster
  6. Upload the picture below (and include more detail of why you are inviting if you wish)
  7. Once uploaded you will receive an e-mail with link to new page you have just built
  8. Share this link (with picture) in as many places as you feel are needed to get the persons attention. eg. facebook, twitter, email etc.
  9. If you've not already done so, join A Plan for Peace Free Newsletter
  10. Relax, have fun and watch the results :-)

Here is an example to give you an idea. Please include #peaceplan on your poster to help attract twitter visitors too.

peace corps - Peace Challenge

The Peace Connection process will be here soon.

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pete, of the adams family

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Here is a PEACE CHALLENGE i made for myself recently:

Peace Corps Challenge

This is a PEACE INVITATION to you. Please join me by submitting your own challenge, to yourself or a friend, then watch the magic happen.

Thank you for playing the game.
Peace & Love
pete, of the adams family.

Who am i? - coming soon

A Peace Invitation for you.

i invite you to take this challenge.

Sit in silence for ten minutes, relax, observe your breath. Breath peace.

Then come back here and submit a Peace Challenge to someone you know.

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Peace & Love
pete, of the adams family

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