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In the following pages and videos i attempt to paint you a picture of a vision and a plan that is emerging from the vision. i encourage you to sign up for the newsletter (sign up box in top right hand corner of every page) so you will receive up to date news as the plan progresses. Please also consider the many volunteer opportunities available to co-create the plan.

The Peace Plan Novel describes neo's adventures as he develops a peace plan. In later chapters he will describe his vision of a peaceful world in the future, with an abundance of free food, shelter, energy and all of life's necessities, tax free and and self-governing.
Many of the components of the plan are briefly described in chapter two.

A Plan for Peace Video Blogs
(and more peace signs)

Episode 18
Is Cat finally coming home?


Episode 17
Message for Occupy Everywhere.
Pete & Cat are in Copan, Honduras, planning Peace, visiting the Mayan ruins whilst intending the alignment of visions & actions of all Peaceful protesters & activists.


Episode 16
International Day of Non-violence.


Episode 15
International Peace Day

A Plan for Peace - Episode 14
Cat & Pete travel from Belize, via Guatamala to Honduras.

Peace Sign

Episode 13
Flying High!

Pete & Cat are planning trip to Honduras & the US, while dancing & flying :-)

A Plan for Peace - Episode 12
What?....... Coffee enemas?

Episode 12 from Yogi Sinzapatos on Vimeo.

Cat & Pete are considering a 7 day cleanse, but are not overly keen on the twice daily coffee enemas.

A Plan for Peace - Episode 11
Peace and Love in Belize

Cat & Pete make an agreement to help raise their awareness & heal their emotional wounds.

To listen to the 3 minute meditation Cat & i are doing hourly, click here: Three Minute Meditation

An Open Letter to BP Exec's & to All World Leaders

An Open Letter to Our Young Adults

Clean the Gulf of Mexico

Buzz for Bliss part 2

Buzz for Bliss part 1

Thanks for viewing my Video Blogs & Peace Signs. Please check out my Peace Invitation / Peace Challenge / Peace Connection page - a unique way to publicly invite or challenge people to join in with or create new peaceful action. It can also be used to publicly suggest connection between people, again for peaceful purposes.

Imagine Peace - a page i created over two years ago as a potential One Vision & One Practice to help unite us.

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Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
Yogi Sinzapatos (pete, of the adams family)

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