Save the Earth


Chapter 3 - save the earth
A Plan for Peace - the novel

A Story about a Guy who thinks he can change the world. Could it be true?


Chapter 3 - Save the Earth
(Chapter 1 is here in case you've not read from the beginning)

A few days ago neo awoke before dawn and again did a short hatha yoga practice followed by a meditation as the sun rose over the sea. He was pleased that he and angel were now in a place where he felt comfortable enough to do so. He went inside and kissed angel to wake her before making some cacao tea.

During the morning angel moved back into a negative state of being and a disagreement between her & neo developed. At one stage angel got her back-pack out of a cupboard (accompanied by ants) and started packing, but stopped shortly after. neo was feeling some frustration, so set about doing some spring cleaning, in particular to get on top of the ant problem. For a couple of years now he'd been practicing aparigraha (non-violence) to the extreme that he would not even kill moquitoes or ants. Over the last few days he had been spraying them with a mixture of bicarbonate of soda, water, vinegar and tea tree oil, which was supposed to make them lose their scent trail so they would be unable to find their way back to the nest, eventually dying of starvation. It was working to some extent, but he felt now he had no choice but to kill them.

After a while he took a break and sat angel down beside him and read out loud a summary of The Way of the Superior Man, emphasising some of the points which he felt were particularly relevant to their situation. Then he suggested to angel a daily program she could follow which would help her heal herself of her emotional issues which she had been experiencing ever since he had known her. Between them they more or less came up with the following tapas which she would follow for the next 30 days. neo knew that if angel would make a promise to herself to stick to this program for 30 days, she would experience a dramatic turn-around in her life. Although he had encouraged her to do similar things before over the last few months, it was always him taking the initiative and trying to persuade her to do certain things. This had not worked as she rarely followed through by actually doing them. This time, neo discussed each point carefully with her, asking her if she could do them and if she was prepared to commit to doing so for 30 days.

  1. Meditate upon rising in the morning for 20 minutes, 5 out of 7 times per week.
  2. Stretch, excercise or dance, six out of seven days per week.
  3. Read this every day: A woman's true radiance reveals the extent to which she is open, trusting, connected and loving.
  4. Read this every day: If we are not serving each other, helping each other to grow spiritually, then consider carefully if we should be together.
  5. Read out loud The Code (from The Intenders of the Highest Good) every day, whilst feeling the feelings in her body as if it were true, in this moment.
  6. Read at least ten pages of an up-lifting book every day.
  7. Share the work in the home.
  8. As often as i remember, ask myself: What am i doing? Where am i? Who am i? while being aware of my breath.
  9. As often as i remember, keep aware of my breath, while breathing in my belly.
  10. Practice thirty belly breaths per day.
  11. Journal online daily.
  12. Meditate before sleeping for 20 minutes, 5 out of 7 times per week.
save the earth - save the earth - save the earth - save the earth

angel agreed that she could do these items without a problem, but when neo asked her if she was prepared to make a promise to herself to commit to doing them for 30 days, she remained silent. neo suggested he let her think about it for a while, not wanting to pressure her, as the decision should be hers. He decided to commit to a very similar program himself & wrote down a slightly different version.

While making lunch neo listened to a self-development audio, Your wish is my Command by Kevin Trudeau from the Global Information Network (GIN). He and angel had listened to this thirteen hour program recently & were doing so again to get the most out of it. As Kevin repeatedly reminded us in the audio, "you become, or attract to you, what you think about most of the time." neo would remind angel of this often when she got into one of her "dark spaces". neo had joined GIN's affiliate program as suggested by Matt Monarch of The Raw Food World, and was considering joining the network as a paid subscriber. It did seem to him though that they were focusing very strongly on sales, so he had some doubts, but it was still in his mind for consideration. He paused the audio as Kevin was talking about "teachability index" and asked angel what was her favourite thing, and if she would be prepared to give it up, for a good reason. This was a test of teachability. She did not reply despite him prompting her a couple of times. This was often her way, failing to answer him or even acknowledge him when he spoke with her. He realised that this was a problem HE had to overcome and not to let it upset him. So, he asked her, for example, if it might be for the highest good, would she be prepared to give up snow-boarding for five years. She thought about this for a while and tears came to her eyes before she answered "yes". neo gave her a hug and reassured her he was not suggesting she actually do so, but that this example showed that she was pretty high on the teachability scale at this time.

Save the Earth
save the earth

neo continued preparing the food (raw vegetable salad with red beans) and his mind wandered to his and angels situation. He thought about the "healing program" they had been doing for the last few months, now being made more disciplined with a 30 day tapas, and how it could be offered to others. He talked out loud to angel as idea's came to him and angel made notes.

A Plan for Peace - the retreat. A thirty day retreat incorporating spiritual practices, healing foods & positive vibrations.

Awake in time for sunrise. Meditation & Yoga. Breakfast with high vibration music. Spiritual teachings. A Plan for Peace work. Swim. Lunch. Meditation. Spiritual Teachings.A Plan for Peace work. Meditation before sleep. Extra healing super-foods, visualisations etc. for those with physical dis-ease. Shared ownership of the retreat with users & helpers. A Global Call for Unity. Public Invitations to Light-worker organisations.

After lunch, neo read a couple of chapters of The Magic Of Thinking Big by David Joseph Schwartz, Ph.D. (the first book on Kevin Trudeau's suggested reading list), occasionally reading a paragraph or two out loud so angel could listen too.

Fast-forward three days:

Over the last few days there had been a big breakthrough for neo and angel. neo had ramped up the brainwashing and reprogramming process and they were now listening to high vibration audio's, online meditations, morning & night meditation classes and much more. neo had explained the potential benefits of following a regular daily program and had changed to a fourteen day program which angel felt more comfortable with. She was excited as neo gave her an example of how doing this program could flip her life around. An important part of the practice was for her to write a daily online journal of her thoughts and feelings during the fourteen days. This was angels biggest challenge as it meant recognising and acknowledging her ego, choosing to act out of ego instead of from it, trusting and laying her heart bare to the world. Now, understanding how this would benefit her and all whom she was connected to, she took a courageous step and made a self-promise to do the programm for fourteen days starting tomorrow morning.

save the earth - save the earth - save the earth

neo sat on a bench in the park under a tree to shelter from the sun. It was the morning of day two of angels program. He had started his own program a few days earlier. Over the last two days he had been the delighted witness of a transformation within angel. As he read Zig Zigler's See you at the Top to her, he had seen her sometimes struggling with her ego's attempts to dismiss what she was hearing and to stop her listening. She was however winning the battle, becoming more aware and tuning back into the flow of life.

They had watched an amazing movie called Thrive two nights ago. The movie had summarised and added to all she had learned from neo over the last four months and was so well presented that she got to see the big picture. She could now see how she and most of humanity were programmed to be slaves by and for a controlling elite and became determined to change this.

neo had seen a light of excitement in angel's eyes as they discussed enthusiastically ideas for the peace plan and how her online journal of this process would help in many ways. He reflected on the previous afternoon and evening. He had sensed angel's heart opening. He could see it in the softness of her eyes, feel it as she touched him as she talked excitedly while they watched the sun set over the mangroves. He sensed that she was finally trusting him and allowing love to flow through her heart, feeling the tenderness and the hurt of past dark memories. She had learned and had been practicing to be detached from these thoughts, replacing them with positive intentions whenever they came.

As neo thought about this, he felt a warm energy surround his heart, about the size of a small football. He sensed that he was feeling angel's heart as well as the love flowing through the trees, the flowers, the birds and the people around him in the park. He realised that he and angel had been helping each other open up their hearts. Just two days ago he had offered up a prayer asking for help. Now he offered thanks. In this connected state, neo knew he must continue to follow the inspiration which was flowing through him most days and continue with his own program which was helping to bring him more and more into harmony with the mystery of life.

The ideas for the peace plan were all taking shape in his head. He thought about the taurus energy structure discussed in the movie and how he might adapt the hub of co-creation to a taurus of co-creation. He had to get his ideas down on paper and on video to attract others to help. He particularly felt he needed an editor/co-writer to present the plan in a more understandable way. He also needed a project manager to help him juggle and implement the plan in the most effective way. He needed to outsource production of a new website for the peace plan, using Site-Sell's Solo Build It, but wanted this to be done by a team of volunteers who could be rewarded if they wished from different revenue streams which could be implemented on the site. neo knew that the plan, which would include several sub-components all linked through the website, needed to be creative, as opposed to competitive, offering no threat but plenty of benefits for everyone. It must be a plan for the highest good of all beings. A fair monetary exchange system was an essential component, and although from what he had seen so far he was excited by the no-pom system, he realised that a economic mastermind circle was a high priority for the project. He figured that he had two priorities today, after buying another computer to enable angel to work alongside him:

  • Create an e-mail and webpage inviting lightworkers to unite and co-create the plan.
  • Create an e-mail and webpage to share the Thrive Movie in a way which would help people get the most out of it and asking them to join the peace plan.

  • As neo walked back home through the park, he heard the buzz of creation in his head, he felt the breeze and the sun on his skin, heard the sounds around him and was aware of his bare feet touching the ground and the thoughts flowing through his mind. He felt, saw and heard the orchestra of life.

    End of A Plan for Peace - the novel. Chapter 3 - Save the Earth

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    save the earth - save the earth - save the earth - save the earth

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    save the earth - save the earth - save the earth - save the earth

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