Spain Culture

Any view of the Spain culture should stress the huge importance of religion in the history of the county and in the life of the individual. The Catholic marriage is the basis of the family, which in turn is the foundation of Spanish society.

Spain Culture
spain-culture (10K)Fiesta's (festivals) are an indication of what Spanish Culture is all about. They usually begin with a high mass followed by a solemn procession. Music, dancing, poetry, and singing enliven these colourful occasions. The fiesta at Valencia, the April fair in Seville, and the San Fermín fiesta at Pamplona are several important ones. In contrast, the feast of Corpus Christi in Toledo and Granada and the Holy Week observances in Valladolid, Zamora, and Cuenca are solemn affairs.

spanish-culture (22K)
The bull fight, so important a part of Spain culture & tradition, has been called a fiesta brava. It is far more than a mere spectator sport; fans applaud not only the bravery of the toreros but their dexterity and artistry as well.

To really get to know about Spanish Culture, there is no better way than to learn the language. If you are interested in further information about Spain Culture, including language, dress, customs & architecture, you can find everything you need at this great site All About Spain . Don't forget to bookmark us & come back & visit us soon. Subscribe to our Free Newsletter Now to recieve an occasional reminder about us along with some great inside tips about Moving Overseas.

Spain Culture - Spain Culture -Spain Culture -Spain Culture -Spain Culture

Spain Culture - Spain Culture -Spain Culture -Spain Culture -Spain Culture

Moving to Spain
Spain is without a doubt one of the most talked about and popular destinations for those who wish to move to the sun. Whether it's to retire and enjoy lazy days sipping Sangria and piling on the pounds eating Paella or to just escape the 9 to 5 here, Spain, they say, has something for everybody! The Spanish are a very happy and friendly race of people who enjoy life to the full - they love music dance and food.

spanish-culture-manIf you intend to work, there are no Visa requirements which is great and saves unnecessary paperwork. Anything to make life easier! A residence permit is however required by anyone wishing to work, start a business, or who plans to live in Spain for more than 182 days per year. If you do not register your presence in the Country and your stay has exceeded 6 months, you will liable for a fine of 300 Euro's. Make sure you take note of what is expected of you before you go and take the time to complete the necessary paperwork. Don't leave anything to chance.

The currency in Spain is Euro's, they are very easy to get the hang of and just like anywhere else, will probably burn a hole in your pocket!

The language in Spain varies largely in pronunciation. Castilian Spanish is spoken in central Spain whilst Spaniard's born and bred in Madrid speak in a staccato manner. The South-West language tends to lean towards Latin American Spanish. If you're planning a trip to Spain why not try learning at least a few Spanish Survival Phrases? You can also get some Free Language Software to help you learn Spanish. If however you are serious about learning Spanish, I would HIGHLY recommend you check out Rosetta Stone. Lorraine & I are using their software to learn Turkish. It is by far the best method I have ever tried of learning a language.

Travelling to Spain
spain-culture-buildingFlights to Spain from the U.K. are very competitive and sometimes remarkably cheap. You can also get to Spain via bus, rail or car but just be prepared for a longer journey with a few stops of course, along your route. Renting a car is also a good way to get around, and sometimes the only way to visit places off the beaten track, so do your homework and make sure all documentation, driving licence etc. is in order and kept in a safe place.

Spain has a population of approximately 40 million with in the region of 460,000 British residents. It is the second largest Country in Europe (after France).

Spain has an amazing 320 days of sunshine a year along the Southern and South-Eastern coasts. I guess Pete & I here in England must get the remainder ! The Spanish winter is comparatively mild and the inland weather is more seasonal.

The vast majority of people in Spain are Catholic and the Church remains a very strong part of Spanish life. There are also around 250,000 Protestants, 450,000 Muslims and a small Jewish community of approximately 15,000.

My experience of Spain - (by Lorraine)
culture-of-spainI have only travelled to Spain once, in April 2005 to Barcelona. Speaking honestly I would say I wont be re-visiting that particular City. After all that I had heard of the place, I travelled there with much excitement and was eagerly awaiting the much talked about architecture, fabulous night life and sampling some Spanish delicacies. Instead I was met with days of rain, a hotel that was way out off the beaten track, poor service and rather rude people. Las Ramblas, which is reportedly one of the most famous streets in the world, I found to be extremely expensive and can only describe it to be a tacky version of Oxford Street in London. However, I have to say I am the only person that appears not to like the place. I have friends, relatives and colleagues who re-visit time and time again. I do have relatives who have lived in the Alicante area of Spain for over 20 years,have never looked back and have made the Country their home They have built successful careers and love the Spain Culture & way of life.

If you're thinking of visiting Barcelona, check out this Barcelona Guide website which I think would have made Lorraine's trip to Barcelona much more enjoyable. Check it out to ensure your stay in Barcelona is a great one - Pete.

More about Spain
PracticalSpain - this site was recommended to us by a friend Ian who emigrated to Spain a couple of years ago. Ian intends writing an article for our Spain Culture page about his experiences of moving to Spain. Subscribe to our Free Newsletter Now to be sure you don't miss it. Ian says of PracticalSpain - "Having 'lived it', I identify with the information and opinions expressed on this site - it's the best I've come across.."

We hope you find it useful.

For more detailed statistics information about Spain, please visit The World Factbook (opens in new window)

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