Turgutreis Bodrum Entertainment

For Turgutreis Bodrum Entertainment, Nirvana Cafe-Bar now have a weekly music and entertainment program.


Music &Entertainment Program



From 5pm Every Day


Jazz Night

bring your own instrument








Groove Lounge


Rock Night


Dance & Trance

Chess & Games

5 pm Every Day  -  because Sam says so

Quiz Night

8pm every Wednesday

 See below for full details

Spoken Word Poetry

7 to 8pm every Thursday


Pub-Quiz-Overseas (11K)

Quiz Night
Our Quiz Night starts at 8pm every Wednesday evening, lasts for approximately 1.5 hours and is open to everyone. The quiz is in English. Come along, join the fun and make some new friends.

Turgutreis Bodrum Entertainment Pub Quiz Format

  • 4 Question rounds of 10 questions each
  • 1 Multiple Choice round of 12 questions
  • Teams of any size are welcome. (Play on your own or join a team)
  • The winning team will receive a bottle of wine (can be consumed in the bar if you wish)
  • The losing team (team with the least points) will receive a bottle of beer (and some very small glasses to share the beer :-)
  • There will be an entry fee of 2.5 YTL per person (all proceeds will go to a local charity / good cause of our choosing)

  • Turgutreis-Bodrum-Entertainment (7K)

    Cash Jackpot Accumulator Prize
  • An additional optional entry fee of 2.5 YTL will be used to build a cash jackpot
  • This additional optional entry fee will all be used to pay the jackpot prize
  • A random number between 1 and 1000 (known only to the Quiz Organiser - me) will be placed in a sealed envelope
  • Each contestant will have one guess at the number in the envelope
  • If someone guesses the correct number, they will win the total jackpot accumulated so far
  • If more than 1 person correctly guesses the number, the jackpot will be shared
  • If no-one guesses the correct number, the jackpot will carry over to the next week until the number is correctly guessed

  • Turgutreis Bodrum Entertainment - Turgutreis Bodrum Entertainment - Turgutreis Bodrum Entertainment

    Each contestant will be told if their guess is higher or lower than the number in the envelope, so if you attend every week for 10 weeks, you are virtually guaranteed to be able to work out the number.

    Whilst we make every effort to ensure all answers are correct in our quiz, mistakes can happen. Any disputes will be investigated and rectified where possible to be as fair as possible to everyone. The Quizmaster's decision on any dispute will be final.

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