Turgutreis Turkey

Welcome to our Turgutreis Turkey page. Here we show you pictures of the less well known side of the Turgutreis, Turkey sea front.

Despite living in Turgutreis since April 2006 when we moved overseas from England, it wasn't until the end of October that we took a walk & discovered this area of Turgutreis. Here are a few pictures we took on the way:

Turgutreis-Beach-Walk (64K)
Turgutreis beach walk

This is where we started our walk. Despite it being the 28th October, as you can see the sun was shining & it was still warm enough for wearing T-shirts.

I think one of the reasons we'd not walked this way before was because in April / May La Blanche Hotel was still being built & this path was closed.

Turgutreis Turkey - Turgutreis Turkey - Turgutreis Turkey - Turgutreis Turkey - Turgutreis Turkey
La-Blanche-Marina-Turgutreis (74K)
La Blanche Marina, Turgutreis

La-Blanche-Hotel-Turgutreis (59K)
La Blanche Hotel, Turgutreis, Turkey

The facilities certainly look very nice even though the building itself is not very architecturally pleasing. It was a bit windy as you can see from Lorraine's hair. I think it's a nice picture though but I expect she'll disagree.

La-Blanche-Hotel-Beach (52K)
La Blanche Hotel Beach

The beach looks very nice too, with the sail style sun shades giving it quite a classy look. If I'd realised they had a volleyball net set up on the beach I'd have been here several days per week during the summer. Roll on next year!

Jasmine-on-Turgutreis-beach (69K)
Jasmine on Turgutreis Beach

Jasmine our puppy is only 4 months old & we'd never let her off of her lead before outside. Today was the day however, with a deserted beach, no roads to worry about, so we thought we'd risk it. Well she loved it as you can see from the picture above. And we didn't need to worry as she didn't stray too far from us & she came to us when we called her.

Lorraine-and-Jasmine-in-Turgutreis (67K)
Lorraine and Jasmine in Turgutreis

Jasmine-in-Turgutreis-Turkey (85K)
Jasmine in Turgutreis, Turkey

A week later we walked the same way. Although it was a beautiful sunny day, the temperature had dropped & we had to wrap up well to keep warm. I took a few more pictures:

View-of-Turgutreis (83K)
View of Turgutreis

This was taken a bit further along towards Kadikalesi and in the distance you can see the palm trees lined up outside the Aegean Dream Hotel.

Turgutreis-Seafront (71K)
Turgutreis Seafront

As well as the two 5 star hotels we've already mentioned, there are several small hotels lining the sea front. Several of these have tables out on the walkway during the season (May to October) so are a great place to relax & stop for a coffee or beer while appreciating the view, which, depending where you are, can include some Greek Islands.

La-Blanche-Hotel (40K)
La Blanche Hotel

Ok, I realise that this page is now starting to look like I'm a shareholder of La Blanche Hotel, but I just thought they were good pictures. This one was taken from the outer harbour wall. Next time we walk this way, I'll take some pic's of some other hotels to even the score :-)

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