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Welcome to The Sanctuary Volunteer Work Overseas page. Here you can learn about the opportunities we can offer at The Sanctuary healing retreat community in Puerto Escondido Mexico.

This Volunteer Page has now been replaced by a new volunteer page on The Sanctuarys' new website. Please Click Here to visit the New Volunteer Page

Healing Sanctuary

Whether you have an interest in volunteering to grow organic food, to learn and share the benefits of yoga and meditation, to work with children, for health, or simply for living in community, The Sanctuary should be able to help.

Healing Sanctuary

The Sanctuary, Holistic Healing Retreat Center in Mexico has opportunities for volunteer work.


To be as transparent as possible, our project which is located in Puerto Escondido, a beach and surf town in Oaxaca state, began at it's former premises in October 2012. So this is a ground up project especially as regards to new systems we are moving towards such as planting and gardening. While The Sanctuary is new and being defined daily, mainly through internet exposure and word of mouth, it appears already that it will not be long before the new center is filled to capacity.

This Volunteer Overseas Page has now been replaced by a new volunteer page on The Sanctuarys' new website. Please Click Here to visit the New Volunteer Page

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volunteer work overseas

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As part of the healing process and to help spread the message about The Sanctuary, everyone staying at The Sanctuary (in particular volunteer staff) is asked to blog once per week on a specific page on our website in the language of your choice. We also ask you to share your blog posts (via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail etc.) with family and friends, and to encourage them to interact by making comments at the bottom of you blog post. Your blog posts can be about your life at The Sanctuary or more or less anything you choose to write about. The level of openness in the posts is entirely up to the writer, but we encourage you to be very open, as, in part this is why you are here!. In return we offer up to 30 minutes of your weekly work commitment to complete this.

This Volunteer Overseas Page has now been replaced by a new volunteer page on The Sanctuarys' new website. Please Click Here to visit the New Volunteer Page

The current page from which to blog is this fasting feasting page. We encourage you to look at the recent blog posts (links at the bottom of the page) and add comments / ask questions of other volunteers at The Sanctuary.

We also ask that you write a reference about your stay at The Sanctuary lower down on this page , where you can also read references others have left.

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Here are some pictures of The Sanctuary. Except for the first link, most pictures are of our former premises, as we moved into a beautiful new house on 1st March 2013. Some more recent pictures are available on our new Healing Haven website.

The Sanctuary
People @ The Sanctuary
Back Home @ The Sanctuary
Healing @ The Sanctuary
Winter Solstice 2012 @ The Sanctuary
Yoga @ The Sanctuary
The Kitchen @ The Sanctuary
Music Night @ The Sanctuary

If you would like to apply for a volunteer work overseas position at The Sanctuary yoga retreat and healing community, please visit the new volunteer page on The Sanctuarys' new website. Please Click Here to visit the New Volunteer Page


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volunteer work overseas - volunteer work overseas - volunteer work overseas

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A note received from Charlie who stayed as a volunteer for two weeks at The Sanctuary. ---------------------- "Dear Pete & Doris Thank you very much …

Simply lovely :) 
I have not been lucky enough to visit here however have had contact and seen many pictures! The place is stunning!!! And the people are lovely!!! Anyone …

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