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Welcome to a world vision journey of discovery and joy.

World Vision - Beautiful World by lynxdesign

Today (Sunday December 4th 2011) i was compelled to create this page after reading a Vision for Creative Communities written by an 81 year old lady named Suzy. This morning, as i read her vision aloud to my girlfriend Cat, tears of joy flowed down my cheeks and continued to flow as i read more of her enlightening story and model for Creative Community.

We are about to leave Honduras heading for Tulum in Mexico with the intention of starting a healing community as a model for A Plan for Peace, so this vision for community is very synchronistic. i phoned Suzy immediately afterwards and we talked for a while. My intention is now to work with Suzy to create an Infinity Community Center in Mexico.

Over the next few pages of this world vision journey i will share Suzy's vision with you along with A Plan for Peace and how together we will make them a reality. For now, this is Suzy's Current Powerful Intention(s):

"I intend to assist in making some major changes in this world. My intention is to travel all around the United States and the whole world to set up facilities that will raise the consciousness and to oversee the re-education of people who are interested in becoming sovereign and want to keep our earth in a pristine condition once the clean-up has been accomplished."

i invite you now to join me on a beautiful journey into a magical world, where i will paint a picture of a new world of abundance, peace and love, where all of our necessities are provided for free and we are free to follow our passions and express our creativity.

By joining me on this journey, i believe that all our lives will be changed forever (for the better of course).

This may take a while so perhaps you would like to fix yourself a drink and get comfortable, then come back and click the Green Next Arrow below and enter the password PEACE when requested. i'll meet you on the other side :-)

Peace and Love
pete, of the adams family.
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