Yellow Fever - Long Live The King

by Pete Adams
(Bangkok, Wednesday 5th December 2007)


I met up with a group of couchsurfers this morning for a guided tour. We visited a couple of temples with huge gold Buddha's, wandered through Chinatown then took a boat along the river. After lunch (less than £1 including a beer - sorry, I still cant get over how cheap the food is) we continued to the Grand Palace.


The crowd was like a sea of yellow. Everyone (well, probably 90%) was wearing yellow, which is the National colour, to celebrate the Kings 80th birthday.


We hung around for a couple of hours waiting to get a glimpse of the King, but that's all we did get as he passed in his Limo escorted by about 20 red BMW's and umpteen police cars and motorbikes. A ceremony inside the palace followed this so we retired to a bar and watched the rest on T.V. Before venturing outside for the fireworks.


The night was rounded off after dinner by visiting Gazebo's night club. A big vote of thanks goes to Kevin for organising the day. I made a several friends and may well meet up again with some over the next few months.

Tommorow I think will be a day of relaxing before catching the overnight train to Chaing Mai

Bangkok, Thursday 6th December 2007

I tried to book train or bus to Chaing Mai but all were fully booked, so on a whim I booked an overnight bus to Laos (country bordering the North of Thailand). I leave in 2 hours and am about to meet up with Ben, an American couchsurfer I met yesterday. He's a fellow Tilley Hat owner who's been travelling for about a year and has been to Laos doing some rock climbing.



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Dec 11, 2007
Tilley hat
by: Anonymous

Heh, I guess you have to join the Tilley hat club to understand the bond...
Glad you found your way to V.V. I love that place. Get a motor bike and head north for a little while (few kilometers). Right after you cross your first bridge, turn off to the right on to the dirt road and follow it through the mountains, walk it across the stream, and enter an amazing little village buried on the other side of the mt. range...

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