Yet another Cleanse

by Benjamim Kirpich
(Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico)

La Punta Playa, Puerto Escondido

La Punta Playa, Puerto Escondido

I had a wonderful stay in Mazunte this past weekend. I met up with Denzil and also many many new bright faces. The trip started on Saturday when I caught a bus just down the street from The Sanctuary. The bus was packed and there were no seats but from my point of view I had the best spot at the front door. It was left open for fresh air and enjoyed the passing scenery for the majority of the Hour long trip to Mazunte.

When I arrived I got word that Denzil and Star headed up to a local beach (Punta Cometa) for a sunset meditation, so I hung around the main beach area and met some travelers whom I ended spending the night with on the Beach. It was a great night with a lot of music and street acts such as fire spinning and juggling. The moon was also full that night which was very pleasant. All the while I was, and still am fasting on juices and for a day only water, as well as occasionally ingesting MMS.

The following day I found Denzil and Star at Om Shanti and we headed out shortly after for a day on the Beach. Star finally parted after her wonderful stay so me and Denzil walked to the Agama Yoga center. He introduced me to the head of the center, Sahajananda. We later had some coconut water after a long walk through the backroads of the small tranquil town.

The next morning I woke up to a morning meditation at Om Shanti then proceeded to Agama Yoga center for a Guided meditation by Sahajananda. I am now back in Puerto Escondido having brought with me two wonderful women, Elisabeth and Medina, who were interested in seeing The Sanctuary retreat centre. They have now returned to Mazunte but one (Elisabeth) has planned to return as a volunteer, and Pete thinks Medina will also be back.


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Jun 12, 2015
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Jan 29, 2013
by: Bens mama

So proud of u Ben getting healthy livin mind and body. Make sure drink a lot of water. My heart is with u

Jan 29, 2013
Healing bronchitis
by: pete, of the adams family

Hi Touran, well this is Ben's blog, but i don't suppose he will mind us using it :-)

Well i don't think it will taste very nice with salt, perhaps a little organic honey to taste will be good. Blend then strain to remove pulp before drinking and adding the honey.

Take three times per day as well as four mostly green vegetable juices (spinach, cucumber, celery, carrot, ginger, turmeric, beet, lettuce, kale, etc.) and your bronchitis will be healed in no time.

Continue for one month and you will be a new you.


Jan 29, 2013
Great Blog!!!!
by: Touran

Love reading all of your blogs!!!

Just wanted to check some ingredients with Pete (Dad)

Am I right with lemon ginger turmeric garlic salt?????
Am I missing anything??

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