Yoga Koh Phangan

by Lee Persson
(Koh Phangan, Thailand)

Yoga Koh Phangan - Agama Yoga, Day 4, Thailand


Yoga Koh Phangan

When I woke up this morning, I was really tired. All the energy I had from yesterday suddenly disappeared. I was a bit low, but I got to the class at 08:30.

After class I felt like I was going to die. My migraine came back and I felt really weak in my body. And shaking. This is normal during the purification though. But I thought I was done and purified by now?

Maybe this was my punishment for cheating with eating a really nice Italian pizza yesterday? I guess so! And I was suppose to take the bike in to town and buy food. Yeah right, I couldn't move.

I passed out after class and woke up again when it was time for the afternoon class. My whole day was gone. Doh!

During the afternoon class everything was going okay, until the abdominal massage. Now we do 2 different massages for the stomach. And I felt sick sick sick. So I had to stop what I was doing and sit down.

I didn't want to lose more of my appetite, because I was hungry and I haven't been eating ok since the last weeks, or months... So, no more pizza until I come home ;)

After class I took my bike and went to town to do my grocery shopping that I was suppose to do this morning. On the way I noticed my flexibility, my balance, my pulse has changed a lot. And this is only in 4 days. FOUR DAYS!!!!

I also notice that my muscles and skin are feeling better. I am shining, or at least it feels like that. (When I don't feel like I'm dieing haha). I walk more straight and I tighten my stomach more and more, and I feel it. And it feels really nice. ONLY 4 days, and everything is mostly about the muscles connected to THE SPINE!

I recommend Yoga to everyone! :)

I went to Tesco and bought healthy food. No more crap! Better start now then when I come home right? But damn, it was expensive.

I got a great tip from Peter as well, to buy a HERBAL medicine named Feverfew. For fever, headache (migraine), sore and dry throat. Found it as well, let's just hope it's working! :)

Had some chicken fried rice on the way. (sicken flajd laj as the thai would say). Really nice because this place has really fresh vegetables, and you pick how much and what kind of vegetables you want in your food mixed with the rice and chicken. And if you are smart like me, you take s***loads of vegetables, and there is 2 portions. Voilá! So, you eat as much as you can, and the left overs, you get in a doggybag! :) Also bought cheap satés (pork and chicken) and 2 springrolls. I will manage on all this food for over a week... I think.

And yes friends, I will post pictures of this place I'm at. But since my camera is ?retarded? at the moment and the display doesn't work. I don't want to stand and take 344545 pictures and ONE is OK! But hold on, it's coming I promise! :)

I've taken some today at sunset time though. Enjoy



Sunset, Yoga-Thailand


My Yoga house

Below is an extract from day 4 of the course notes given to students taking the Agama Yoga First Level Intensive Course:

Branches of the Yoga system

There are other Yoga systems which together with Hathha yoga, aim for the same essential goal: the attainment of the Absolute or the perfection of the human being. Among these Yoga systems are:

Karma yoga - the Yoga of becoming one with the Supreme through activity; where the results or the fruits of the action are consecrated to the Divine;

Bhakti yoga - the Yoga of universal love, of abnegation and self-offering to the Supreme;

Raja yoga - the Yoga of fusion with the Macrocosmic mind, aiming for the amplification of the power of the mind, control over mental commotion, and the arousing of the Third Eye (ajna cakra);

Jnana yoga - the Yoga of fusion with the superior energies of the mind and intuition; and of the arousing and amplification of the power of discrimination;

Laya yoga - the Yoga of perfect fusion with specific infinite spheres of force of the Universe;

Mantra yoga - the Yoga of placing oneself into resonance with various subtle energies of the Universe through the agency of various imitative (onomatopoeic) sounds;

Tantra yoga - the Yoga of an extreme expansion of the field of consciousness, or the holistic Yoga, which includes a complex range of methods and techniques. These integrating the sexual energy among others, with a view to accelerating spiritual evolution through the transmutation and sublimation of the sexual
creative potential, both in man and woman;

Kundalini yoga - the Yoga of arousing and directing upward the colossal latent power which exists at the base of the spine, in muladhara cakra;

Yantra yoga - the Yoga of the telepathic fusion with certain energies or spheres of force of the Universe through the agency of certain geometric diagrams that are specially conceived and revealed for this;

Kriya yoga - the Yoga of extreme purification and resonance with pure energies;

Nada yoga - the Yoga of fusion through the agency of inner sounds (nada);

Svara yoga - the Yoga of the secret rhythms of Nature, which relies on the knowledge of invisible forces and their correlation with the subtle breaths of man,
in order to expose the hidden causal web of universal manifestation;

Hatha yoga - the most famous in the West, being actually based upon the balancing of the fundamental polarities of the being, the solar (+) and lunar (?) energies; it aims for a most perfect mastery over the body, the recovery or maintaining of health, and perfect control over the vital energies.

Generally all the above mentioned Yoga systems, and Hatha yoga in particular; are not necessarily connected with any religion. Both the believer, of any religion, and the non believer or atheist can successfully practice any of these Yoga systems. They have no reason to fear that principles will be imposed upon them which conflict with their religious beliefs.

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Apr 30, 2010
by: Yogi Sinzapatos

Hey Lee

If you wanna purify, then you might wanna think carefully about the meat. Especially pork.

All meat & in fact all animal protein (dairy is the worst) is scientifically proven to cause diseases like cancer. Read The China Study if you get a chance. And there's also the "fear energy" of the animal you take on.

You'll learn about this later in the course, but if you want a head-start, think about it.

Teja says to tell you the Feverfew could take a month or more before it helps with the migraines, but if you're doing yoga, eating well (vegan) & drinking lots of water you'll probably see a big improvement before then.

Peace & Love

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