Yoga Puerto Escondido Mexico

The Sanctuary is pleased to offers classes of Yoga Puerto Escondido Mexico, on the roof top at our beautiful new location in La Punta area of Puerto Escondido.

yoga puerto escondido mexico

Yoga Classes in La Punta, Puerto Escondido

Our yoga classes are currently held on Monday. Wednesday and Friday. They are preceded by a meditation which starts at 6.00 am (Monday to Friday). We ask that you also join the meditation as it will help you move into a more mindfull space and more likely to receive greater benefit from the hatha yoga class.

Our partially guided, heart centred sitting meditations last for 30 minutes, are usually led by Pete Adams (founder of The Sanctuary), and are open to the public.

We make no charge for our morning meditations but you are welcome to leave a donation, perhaps some fruit, vegetables (please note that at The Sanctuary we eat vegan unprocessed food), or even some cash if you feel inspired to do so. There is absolutely no expectation to do this.

Spiritual Reading, Sun Gazing and Warm Up
Following the meditation at 6.30am we usually listen to one or two sutras and explanations of them, from the yoga sutras of Patanjali. Pete is recording these as he reads them, and some of the previous recordings are available to listen to on this page: We then start a set of warm up exercises to prepare us for the asana section of the class, taking a short break to watch the sun rise during which some of us practice "sun gazing", rebounding (to stimulate the lymph system), and yoga for the eyes.

As the time of sun rise changes every day, this section between the meditation and hatha yoga section of the class can vary slightly.

yoga puerto escondido mexico - yoga puerto escondido mexico - yoga puerto escondido mexico

Hatha Yoga
The asana section of the class. Asanas (physical postures) with a focus on awareness of the present moment and of the chakras form the core of the practice. Our slow, relaxing, profound meditative style of hatha yoga is suitable both for beginners and experienced yogis. We will be accessing deep layers of consciousness and releasing energetic blockages through the use of ancient yoga techniques. The style is based on the teachings of Agama and Hridaya Yoga where asanas are held usually for several minutes to allow the flow of energy to more deeply penetrate both our physical and non-physical bodies. Each asana is followed by a short awareness phase during which we focus our attention to perceive the effects of the received energies.

yoga puerto escondido mexico - yoga puerto escondido mexico

The class finishes at 8.00 am after a 10 to 15 minute guided and Tibetan Singing Bowl complete body relaxation.

If you would like to join us for our meditation, please arrive between 5.50 and 5.55am. Please ring the bell at the front gate then come up the stairs very quietly so as not to disturb others.

These Yoga Puerto Escondido Mexico classes are primarily led by The Sanctuary founder, Pete Adams.

Your first class will be for free.
For subsequent classes we invite donations in advance as follows:

Single Class - 75 pesos
One Week (3 classes) - 180 pesos (average 60 pesos per class)
One Month (12 classes) - 600 pesos (average 50 pesos per class)

If you would like to join us for our healing breakfast juice afterwards (which includes turmeric, ginger and aloe vera along with a fruit or vegetable base), please let us know in advance. The cost of this very healing drink is 30 pesos.

If attending classes will be difficult for you due to financial reasons, please discuss with Pete after your first free yoga class. If you have a true desire to take part and a willingness to make a suitable energy exchange, then we will make sure you can attend.

We intend to also very soon offer some additional classes (possibly starting at 8.30 am and even at weekends). Please sign up for our newsletter so you are informed when these begin.

We are now offering several healing retreats at The Sanctuary. Please visit our Healing Retreats Page for more information. .

Peace-Yogi Pete Adams has been learning and practicing yoga since January 2008 when he took the first 7 weeks of the Agama teacher training course in Koh Phangan, Thailand. He continued to study with Agama Yoga in Mazunte, Mexico from January 2009 when the school first opened, and subsequently with Hridaya Yoga after they joined Agama at El Corazon in Mazunte.

Following many other studies, particularly over the last seven years since retiring from a succesful business in England and moving overseas, pete brings a wealth of experience particularly in the field of natural health. During 2012 he attended three of the Hridaya Revelation of the Spititual Heart Meditation Retreats and become a Minister of Health for the Genesis II Church of Health & Healing.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for address and a map of The Sanctuary.

yoga puerto escondido mexico - yoga puerto escondido mexico

Other Healing Therapies offered at The Sanctuary

We offer many different healing therapies such as Massage, Sound Healing, Reiki Healing Therapy, Meditation classes and much more. Please visit our Healing Therapy Page for more information.

yoga puerto escondido mexico - yoga puerto escondido mexico

Package Deals.

We are pleased to offer a 5% discount if you book and pay for two therapies together (offer excludes FIR Sauna).

A 10% discount is offered for booking (and paying for) three or more therapies together (offer excludes FIR Sauna).

If you would like to pamper yourself with a full day at The Sanctuary starting with meditation and yoga, and including breakfast lunch, dinner and your choice of therapies, we will be pleased to tailor a package for you at a very competitive price. Please visit our new Healing Haven website.

Residential Healing Protocols. Although we offer many individual therapies as shown above, the major focus of The Sanctuary is to offer residential healing, through a protocol which includes many different healing modalities including some of the above but more specifically nutrition (fasting, juicing, raw, whole-foods), use of MMS, enema and much more. Possibly the most healing of all is living in a community of supportive and loving people. We invite you to view our volunteer page which currently has the most complete information about what we offer. We also welcome Personal Health consultations from local residents and will discuss what we are able to offer on an individual basis.

Thank you for reading. Please "Like" this page using the button at the top of the page and share with anyone you think might benefit. You may contact us by sending a message through our facebook page, or by calling pete on +52(1)999 181 1528

For directions, pictures and a map showing you how to find The Sanctuary, visit our Healing Headquarters page on our new Healing Haven website.

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