Zipolite Mexico

by Pete
(Zipolite, Mexico)

Yoga-Spiral Zipolite-beach-sunset

Another couple of weeks have passed by and I've just finished repeating the second week of Agama's first month Yoga course.

Zipolite Mexico - Zipolite Mexico - Zipolite Mexico

I´ve been doing about 5 hours of Yoga every day including listening to the lectures. Today though is a day off relaxing on the beach :-). My "weekend" is every Thursday and Friday, and last weekend I ventured to Zipolite (pronounced Zipoleetay) about 6 kms easy along the coast. It's a bit more chilled out there with smell of Bob Marley in the air and naked people wandering along the beach.



After a relaxed breakfast and a swim I settled down in a hammock in a beach bar, "chilled out" and got chatting with a couple of Mexican guys down from Mexico City for a few days. Meet Beto and Mauricio:

Beto Mauricio

Beto and Mauricio

A couple of hours later and well relaxed, I wandered a little further along the beach to find some food where I met Maria from Sweden who is here for a few weeks working. She said she was going to come along for some yoga but has not turned up yet. Where are you Maria?

Maria Zipolite-beach-view

Maria and a view of Zipolite Beach

Zipolite Mexico - Zipolite Mexico - Zipolite Mexico

Beto and Mauricio had promised a fire show at the bar later on, so I arranged to meet Maria there later. At the far end of the beach I found Shambhala. It looks like a pretty cool place to stay. Here is their vision:


In the Tantric & Buddhist traditions, Shambhala is the place where enlightened souls go to rest.


This is a carving of Siva (I think :-) I found in Shambhala. Pretty cool I thought, and with a dog (is it a dog?) beside him. Siva by the way (pronounced Sheeva) is the Vedic mythological representation of the universal masculine energy, the void, the nothingness, everything which has not yet been manifested. Sakti (pronounced Shaktee) is the female energy, everything which is manifested. Anyway, this leads me on to a bit of a sad story.

At the Yoga School, we inherited a couple of dogs. The caretaker who had been looking after them left in early January and they were barking a lot at visitors and needed some love. We didn´t even know their names so I named them Siva & Sakti & started looking after them. After a couple of days they adopted me as their master and started following me everywhere, and I mean literally everywhere. They followed me when I went to a restaurant, to the internet cafe & to the beach, and they slept at the bottom of my bed.


Sakti-Siva-San-Agustinillo beach

Sakti is the girl on the left and Siva is the boy on the right.

Now for the sad part. Three nights ago, in the middle of the night I was woken to find Siva staggering around and very ill. I couldn´t do much except try to give him some water & lay my hands on him. After about 15 minutes he passed away :-(. We buried him the next morning and had a small service for him. We found out later that several dogs have died recently in the area.


Siva - may your soul rest in peace

Siva-Mazunte-Sunrise Sakti-Siva

A figure of Siva in the sunset - - - - - - - - Siva and Sakti

So, although it´s a sad story. Sakti is still here and she is still following me everywhere and is good company. She is sitting at my feet at the moment in the internet cafe. We had the vet come to visit her today to check her out. He gave her a wash & a couple of injections and she seems fine.

I´ve spent most of my spare time in the last couple of days adding and revising webpages for the school. Those of you who are coming to visit us soon can check them out here and find concise directions and details of accommodation in Mazunte and San Agustinillo.

Time for me to finish off now, so I´ll leave you with another couple of pictures of Zipolite beach:





By the way, in case you didn´t know, you can add your comments to the bottom of this page. Just click on the link below which says "Click here to post comments" and have your say. It´s nice to know whose reading my blog (apart from Mum & my daughter Touran :-), so - Bob, Jim, Nevin, Marta, Ariana, Geoff, Maribel - lets hear from you guys - just be careful what you say, everyone can read your comments, so we´ll have no mention of apple cake please ;-)


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Sep 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

Zipolite, 1993, Scorpion on the bed, my girlfriend nearly drowned, fiddler crab burrows all along the beach, mezcal by the bottle, never paid until the next day. Gods fighting all night long out over the sea.

Dec 27, 2010
by: maria and Lorraine

We spent 3 months in 1991 lazing in the hammocks eating crepes and going to Gloria's for veggie spagetti bolognese. The place was fantastic no electricity and the honesty system for your beers. Once a week we would make the journey with a torch in our hands to the local bar/ disco?
We would collect the water from the well to have a homemade shower Roca blanca was a great place to stay and hang out. Meet some great people went back in 1996 and things had changed a lot hope it doesn't get too spoilt.

Mar 08, 2010
Best times
by: Jéjé

In Zipolite twice... was it 2001-02? something like that.
Other times other life. Better. Seems so far and yet so close.
Vaya con Dios

Feb 02, 2010
back to Zipolite
by: Pete

Hi Bernard. I'm on the way to Mazunte again to do the third month Agama yoga course, so I'll be taking a trip or two to Zipolite again. I look forward to seeing your pictures.


Feb 02, 2010
30 years ago
by: BJS

my girlfriend (at the time) and I stayed in Zipolite in the fall of 1979. It was wonderful back then!! No paved roads, a little "restaurant" at the beach, a bread backing oven, not much more. We slept in our hammocks, went swimming in the nude at one of the smaller beaches off to the South, ate pollo con aroz and had a great time. I'll post some pics in the next couple of days.


Nov 30, 2009
by: Barbara Saavedra

I lived in Zipolite a long long time ago. When there was only one hotel in Puerto Angel and no paved road between the two. It was probably one of the best times of my life.

Jan 22, 2009
by: mum!

Place looks picturesque.But thought u look as though u r wasting away. Tipical mum remark i suppose. However the picturess look good and you r obviously meeting new people. Ive been leaving messages on skype for u. but havent found any replies yet.Hope you are happy and continue to be. I am going to Peter and Marys on Wed am and hope to hear from u b4 then. Lots of love Peter. take care of yourself. Im off to the Gambia with Mary on Thurs am. will probably text u once i am there. xxxx

Jan 18, 2009
by: beto

ey pete
thanks for upload the photos
and ure comments about that day

I hope you have enjoyed the
Fire show

& hope to see you again soon
good luck with the school of yoga


Jan 16, 2009
Tanned & Hot
by: Pete

Hey Jim, sure it's a beer - one now & again is good, especially on my day off !

Sam, I have a very good tan, I guess the picture doesn't show it off well, I'll try for a better on on my next post. Re. the 5 litre bottles, no, I've not seen them yet, only 4 litre ones & I've been reluctant to fork out 30 Pesos to build small muscles :-) Maybe I'll improvise & tie two together.

As for rules, they are meant to be broken as long as it's with awareness.

Time to go swim............

Jan 16, 2009
by: Jim

Is that an alcoholic beverage in your hand at zipolite Beach ;^).
Sorry about the dog - I just had t take one of my cats in for kidney problems. You sound good.
Hugs, Jim

Jan 16, 2009
yo pete dude...
by: jones

ahhh... sounds blissful... so much for your new years resolutions, apparently. cerveza in hand and marley in the air... good for you. i'd like to see a bit more tan on you though. and do they have 5 liter bottles there? use them.

ok, when the time comes i'll know which direction to head now. now, go find that list of rules you made before you left and find a nice dark place to put them, ya know.. for safe keeping.

its cold here, i'm 10x jealous...

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